Improving Women’s Lives: TipZyp supports women in low-income jobs

The cashless economy is hurting hotel housekeepers, a majority of whom are women. TipZyp is working hard to improve women’s lives.

Do you tip hotel housekeeping?
Tip housekeeping? The cashless economy has made it less convenient, harming housekeepers.

What’s happening to cash?

Credit-cards make paying for things easy. Awesome, right? Not always.

The cashless economy unfairly affects low income hotel housekeepers because unlike a client at a restaurant, a hotel guest cannot tip using a credit-card.. Many of the affected are low-earning hard-working women.

We’re focusing on housekeepers, the staff responsible for cleaning hotel rooms. Why? We know that only ⅓ of Americans claim to tip housekeepers when they stay at a hotel. Yet these crucial workers, who bring tremendous value to the experiences of hotel guests across the country, are among the most vulnerable to the decline of cash tipping.

What affects women affects everyone

The majority of hotel housekeepers are women. Evidence shows that when women are doing well, they provide a disproportionate boost to their family, the whole economy and society.

We also know that women are most likely to be underpaid, underappreciated, and passed over for promotion. Women also make up a high proportion of frontline service sector workers, like housekeepers and waiting staff, so they’re particularly vulnerable to a drop in tipping.

We don’t like that. So we’re fighting to change it. And we want your help.

In the past tips have helped housekeepers other tipped workers support themselves and their families while giving them an opportunity to boost their income with hard work.

This has a huge positive impact on housekeepers’ wellbeing, as well as their finances. Beyond the simple thank you, more disposable income makes a big difference to families.

Serious damage

In many cases, savings and discretionary spending are wholly dependent on tips. It’s ironic that something so profoundly meaningful to the person getting the tip rests on the ability of a stranger to leave a small discretionary payment at a convenient moment.

But as the trend towards a cashless economy gathers steam, workers – many of them women, such as housekeepers – depending on tips are suffering. People who can’t tip conveniently generally won’t. If you don’t have cash on hand, there’s a high chance you won’t tip.

With fewer people carrying cash, all those college funds, family days out, and trips to the doctor are under threat. Yes, tips can literally be a life saver.

You can help keep the American dream alive

Tipping is certainly not an obligation. But, the next time you stay at a hotel or enjoy a cruise, and you do want to tip, consider using TipZyp. Tipping matters because service workers don’t earn much, and a tip is a much-appreciated vital source of extra income for many.

We believe that with our service being used across America, we can make tipping easier than ever before and help workers earn more tips than ever before.

We know we can’t turn the clock back to the heyday of cash tipping. People find card payments far more than convenient than carrying cash. We feel consumers are unlikely to switch back to cash anytime soon.

So we have a plan.

Our shared mission

At TipZyp, we’re working to ensure that those who want to tip can, and those who rely on tips don’t miss out.

We’re doing this by bringing tipping into the 21st century, making it digital and available via a guest’s phone.

It’s even an improvement on cash tipping. Why? Back in the age of cash, you didn’t always have enough on you. Or you had the wrong cash. Today, it’s a rare person who doesn’t have their phone on them.

We believe that by improving on the old system of cash tipping in this way, we can help workers across the US boost their incomes and go from struggling to thriving.

One way you can help us is by using TipZyp to leave a tip whenever you stay at a hotel. Another is to join us. We’re hiring Local Agents to carry the TipZyp message across America, boosting the impact of our service and helping hundreds of thousands of women live better lives.

Tip housekeeping


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